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Questions to an Air Ambulance Flight Paramedic?

It will be, of course, a delicate health issue when people use air ambulances for patient transportation. The air ambulances will be equipped with the required facilities and paramedics based on the patient’s needs. Nurses who are professionally trained as per the aero-medical transportation parameters are called as flight paramedics. They will be trained as ground paramedics before becoming the flight paramedic.

Taking a plane for medical transportation is tricky as atmosphere changes could cause fluctuations in patient’s life vitals. It is essential to make sure that the patient is flying in the company of a qualified paramedic who is capable of handling a bunch of responsibilities with limited resources and equipment without panicking, just in case of any emergency during the flight. If the situation demands paramedics may have to perform a bit more than their regular responsibilities. So, it is important to hire a suitable paramedic for a safe transportation.

Before hiring an air ambulance service in Chennai, ensure to ask the following questions, which may help in hiring the better service provider with capable flight paramedic.

Questions to a Flight Paramedic

  • Experience as a Flight Nurse
    The flight paramedic must have at least 3 years of experience as a ground paramedic. Experience counts as they need to respond accurately to an emergency in a completely new setting of atmosphere altogether, compared to earth. Also, they should be certified in the related medical stream as a flight paramedic.
  • Specialization
    The paramedic must be specialized in basic treatment for the disease of the patient, on board. He should also have a certification as flight paramedic from a recognized training institute.
  • Flying Experience
    Paramedics in some situations, may have to assist the pilots based on the need. They should have sufficient amount of flying hours in the bag so that they can act as required. There will be situations where paramedic alone should act without any help in the emergency medical situation and make the appropriate treatment decisions for patient’s wellbeing.
  • Clean Medical Record
    This is essential for a flight nurse. During the flight, a paramedic’s both professional and personal behaviour is imperative for a safe transition of the patient. The flight nurse should be reliable and responsible.
  • Good Communication Skills
    Paramedics also may have to perform the duties that are not medical. These duties including transmitting the radio messages, planning the flight and preparing the route map based on patient’s changing medical needs if any. It also their responsibility to check if the patient and the patient attendant has proper paper work. Apart from the above-mentioned questions, it is important to know if the paramedic takes care of personal hygiene of the patient just in case. Sanitation is one of the most pivotal factors during a flight. It is, of course, difficult for one nurse to perform all these duties, however, there are many flight paramedics in Chennai who excel in performing their duties without flaws. Multi-tasking is key for flight paramedics. They will have to perform lot more duties at the same time with precision and care. If you are in need of an air ambulance, it is imperative to hire the best air ambulance provider in Chennai, who assigns the capable and caring flight paramedic for a seamless transportation of the patient.

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