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How an Ambulance can Contribute to Patient Health with Different Services?

Ambulances are often looked upon as an emergency form of transportation; an option which is considered only in the most severe cases when the patient needs to be rushed to the hospital. Putting the taboo to rest what you need to understand is that ambulances can be used as a means of transportation for any kind of medical needs. Sometimes a patient may need to travel a longer distant or he/she may need special facilities while travelling – so private transportation services can be hired even in non-critical medical situations.

Whether the patient resides in the rural locations or the cities, ambulance services today operate to every nook and corner in the country. Unlike in the past, ambulance services today are more organized – hospitals have tie-ups with each other which ensure an effective and strong network of transportation for patients. The ambulance service in Chennai come equipped with medical assistances depending on the condition of the patient. There is multitude of ambulance services in Tamilnadu to ensure that people get access to healthcare facilities on time.

Some of the common Chennai ambulance services include –

1. The Transport Ambulance

This type of ambulance service is exclusively intended for elderly and bedridden patients who find it difficult to travel by the regular modes of transport. These vehicles are available with or without air-conditioning facilities and with basic medical equipment. The sole purpose is to transport the person to or from the hospital but sometimes depending on the illness of the patient you will be provided with a medical staff to travel along.

2. The Basic Life Support Ambulance

The life support ambulances are tailored with all kinds of medical equipment, nursing staff and paramedics travel along with the patient. This sort of service is meant for patients who are in an extremely unstable condition and require assistance throughout the journey. For example psychiatric patients and those having orthopedic injuries can make use of the life support ambulance.

3. Cardiac Support Ambulances

As the name suggests, these ambulances cater to cardiac patients who need special facilities and care. This ambulance is also referred to as “mobile ICU”. These vehicles are very spacious and come fitted with the most advanced medical equipment to manage all kinds of extreme emergencies.

4. Air Ambulance Services

Critical patients who need to be transported to the hospital immediately can hire air ambulance services. Patients can be transferred within the country or to another country in minimal time. These ambulances also come equipped with all modern medical gadgets and the patient is assisted by medical physicians. Air ambulance services can be provided through commercial planes or by chartered flights; in both cases the patient will be accompanied by medical professionals to ensure a stable condition of the patient.

5. Special Event Medical Services

When there is a huge event or gathering the event management teams are required to have a standby medical transportation in case of emergencies. This will ensure that the injured or sick person gets transferred to the hospital on time. The event medical services also include a team of medical experts and caregivers.

So you see a wide range of 24 hour ambulance services are available for patients depending on their illness. A team would analyze the condition and suggest the best ambulance service to make sure that the person gets transferred to the hospital with minimal inconveniences and in less time.

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