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4 Essential Safety Measures in Schools

Education amid a safe and secured environment is every kid's right. The infrastructure of the school and every participant involved in it plays a responsible role in making it possible. Every school should identify the loophole in their safety measurements and execute corrective actions to prevent the probable disasters of various levels.

It is an unfortunate fact that not every but most of the schools in India are not compatible with the international security parameters. There are various reasons for it and many could not be addressed due to the complexity that is being determined by the insufficient funds, space and typical negligence which in turn putting the little lives at stake. 

Over the past 1 decade, the safety scenario at the public schools is changing, thanks to the increased awareness on the safety measures. Parents who are educated on these safety measures are inquiring the school management about all the safety measures such as infrastructure and its quality, emergency responsive team, the ease of evacuation during an emergency and the schools' safety certification, before admitting their children in that particular school.

All this progress is a good sign but as a whole, the scenario is not exactly the same. It is everyone's responsibility to educate themselves about the school's safety. The awareness on safety and security of schools should be increased at vigorous levels. Here are a few safety measures that need to be followed at schools in order to establish a safe educational system.

1. Medical Facilities within the Premises

  • Schools are the settings where hundreds of children make the most of their daily activities on their own, including the kindergartens.
  • Make sure that the medical help is available in all the rooms of the facility as the health emergencies such as seizures, injuries, choking etc., are few of the common health conditions faced in schools.
  • It must be mandatory for the school management to ensure that their staff are well trained in first aid and a qualified medical professional present at the school.


2. Emergency Response Team

  • The effective emergency response team encourages the involved to act with caution during an emergency.
  • The response and the medical or moral support would be quick by these trained people from within the system.
  • Develop a fast and reliable emergency response team to ensure the school kids are safe through the hurdle of any sort.


3. Fire Evacuation

  • Fire safety should be a prioritized measure within the school system and the management is expected to do something more than just the fire extinguishers.
  • The facility should be well planned that it could allow all the children to evacuate on their own without much confusion.
  • The quality checks of the circuits and the other fire inducing materials should be conducted on a regular basis.


4. Safe Transportation

  • The scope for the daily school commuting means and their safety in India could improve a lot. This is nowhere near the standards of the developed countries.
  • Never allow more students than the vehicle capacity and the fitness of the vehicle should be duly checked at regular intervals.
  • Speed governing, onboard monitoring of children and the presence of caretakers in the bus should be mandatory.


Apart from these, keep the school premises on check regularly. Children are hyperactive and they require constant monitoring, especially the kindergartens. Have sufficient staff who are well qualified to observe the children and their activities in the school.

Schools would be the place you try your best to avoid any emergency medical situation. Follow these simple safety measures to ensure a safe and secured learning atmosphere for your younger generation.

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