Event Medical Services

What Are Event Medical Services?

There is no dearth of grandeur festivals and larger than life events in our country, isn’t it? Every huge event possesses some risks for the attendees and it is the responsibility of event organizers to ensure the safety of attendees. They need to make sure that there is sufficient security present at the event. And they also need to make certain special arrangements such as setting up an emergency team and hiring event medical services.

Event Medical Services (EMS)

As the name reads, EMS includes a team of medical professionals who offer event medical support including essential first-aid to the spectators or participants in case of injury or illness. The team comes equipped with emergency medical equipment and ambulance for special events.

The EMS team

The crew consists of medical professionals who are well-trained in administering pre-hospital care to the patient. The team includes –

  • Doctors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Physiotherapists
  • Physicians

The EMS Ambulance

You could call the event medical service ambulance a small clinic since it comes tailored with all the necessary medical equipment including Basic and Advanced life support. Other features in the ambulance include –

  • Trauma Kits
  • Airway Resuscitation equipment
  • Automated External Defibrillators
  • Mobile Ventilators
  • Spinal Board
  • Vacuum stretcher
  • Medicines and physician resuscitation equipment

Why have Event Medical Services at your event?

  • Huge crowd pose a great chance for injury due to push and pull. The risks rise when the event is attended by celebrities.
  • Sudden turbulent weather can lead to injuries
  • If yours is a sporting event there is always going to be some form of injury


There are immense benefits of hiring event medical services, such as –

  • The medical response time is drastically reduced since the medical services are present on the spot
  • There will very less risk for organizers and it would prevent any kind of negative publicity that could otherwise rise due to negligence

When should you hire EMS?

The need dependence on the following factors –

  • The number of attendees – If the crowd is very huge then it is imperative to have a Event medical services team
  • Venue – Arenas, clubs, stadium, halls, etc
  • Event Type – Festivals, corporate meetings, sports events, parades, etc.

From the above the number of attendees is the most important factor that determines whether the event needs EMS or not. Any program especially that involves alcohol is a risky one and so for such occasions an organizer definitely needs to hire an emergency medical team.

When hiring event medical services make sure that you approach a reputed and reliable service provider who has sufficient experience in attending to emergency medical needs. An experienced medical service provider can deliver a good quality and on-time medical care for someone in distress in any type of event.

Hence if you are looking forward to organizing an important event which involves a large number of people, make sure that you dial up an efficient Event medical team to reduce risks.

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