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FAQs of Paediatric Medical Transportation

A Pediatric Medical Transportation is the means through which utmost medical care is provided to the newborn babies by a team of highly skilled and professional team during a medical transportation both in emergency and in non-emergency situations. If a newborn baby is suffering from a chronic illness or an injury, the medical transportation team will escort both the mother as well as thebaby in transporting them to the desired destination in a sophisticated atmosphere.

The Pediatric transport team comprises ofhighly qualified nurses, paramedics and paramedics (if the need be). The whole set-up of the ambulance will be equipped based on the medical demands of the newborn and the mother. The medical transportation will be availed both in emergency and non-emergency medical transportations.

As this is a new concept of medical transportation, people may harbor few questions and here we have listed down few frequently asked questions on Paediatric Medical Transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can we access pediatric medical transportation for long distances?

The Pediatric Medical Transportation can be availed both for short and long distances with the required help from the medical professionals throughout the journey.

2.Can the medical help be availed for continued hours?

The medical support and the equipment on board will be sufficient enough throughout the journey as medical care is planned beforehand.

3.Who will accompany the newborn baby?

During the course of the journey, a team of highly qualified and competent pediatric care nurses along with professional pediatricians will accompany the newborn baby.

4.Will the team of Pediatric Medical Transportation be present during the entire journey?

The medical team of Pediatric Medical Transportation will accompany your child during the entire course of the journey.

5.Do we have the option to choose a specific hospital?

You do have the option to choose a specific hospital of your choice. Besides that, the concerned medical crew of Pediatric Medical Transportation will guide you in locating the best hospital, which offers better treatment for your child.

6.Can we avail transportation for multiple babies at a single time?

Yes. The Pediatric Medical Transportation does have the capacity to accommodate two or three children at the same time. Normally, in such cases, we use bigger vehicles.

7.What is the maximum number of persons allowed per journey and could I accompany with my child?

You do have the option to accompany your child along with one relative or any one of the family members. However, accommodatingmore than 1 person depends upon the size of the vehicle.

8.Is there an option to accompany our family doctor with my child?

It is considered only in those cases if there is adequate space in the vehicle to accommodate another additional member.

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