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The Health and Fitness You Should Maintain as an Ambulance Worker

Health is such a crucial subject to speak of that every person related to the medical fraternity must be aware of the basics of medication, at least first aid. They should be very dynamic and spontaneous in situations where a crisis has occurred and act duly. Ambulance Worker Fitness has been divided into two aspects where both physically and mentally spontaneity, are checked

Mental Skills Required:

Key Skills required for becoming an ambulance worker at paramedic or emergency medical technician level is a brief summary of various problem solving techniques at crucial levels along with communicating with the patients as well as the family. An ambulance worker should be calm, patient, composed to a great extent so that they are able to face the Challenges of Paramedics where they may encounter immense pressure, when stuck in some crisis or vulnerable situation.

The Physical Test designed for an ambulance worker is divided into certain parts where every aspect of their health as well as mental strength is put under the scanner -

Anthropological Test Of The Paramedic

This test is a basic information updating test where the data regarding the individual is noted , which includes height , weight as well as the circumferential measurement of the waist and the hip ( this is done to take into note the potential health issues and is kept filed for future references ) .

Grip strength

This is done to approximate the arm strength of the people aspiring to be a paramedic, as a certain amount of grip strength is very necessary in their case. The candidate will be actually put into test, where they need to achieve grip strength so strong that they can grip 31kgs on both hands.

Lifting Strength

Carrying and lifting is a great part of their work as an Ambulance Technician, where they are tested using a hydraulic dynamometer, and they are required to reach a mark of over 100kgs of force.

The Plank Test

This is the measurement of the endurance of an individual. This test requires an individual to hold on to a static position for 60 seconds and more without resting.

The Bleep test, the work related test (where they need to wear weighted jackets and work on the demonstrated replica of their work situation), and the Push up tests are the other tests in the scanning process of a paramedic or EMT.

The aspirants for the post of an Ambulance Technician or a paramedic should follow a duly planned fitness regime either specifically designed by an instructor where they can incorporate certain grooming tips as mentioned below. This routine should be followed by a working paramedic or ambulance worker as well, to keep up to the standards.

Grooming of ambulance technician is a basic mix of exercises which include lifting exercises, hanging exercise where one needs to hang his weight on a bar while keeping his foot off the floor for about 60 seconds or more. The paramount should go out for rock climbing which can be a beneficial outdoor activity on their part.

Squats are very helpful to increase their stamina for the lifting strength test along dead lifting using a barbell. To get on with the 90 degree bend in the elbow along with maintaining spine stability in the push up test one needs to practice such full pushups. The Ambulance Technician should necessarily be an aerobic as well as anaerobic person and have the potential to run continuously on a patch of 20 meters.

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