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4 Major Reasons for Road Accidents

Nearly 1,50,000 people die in India due to road accidents every year. This means at least 400 people die each day due to road calamities. This calls for immediate awareness among the public for road safety measures.

Causes of road accidents

  1. Human error

Human error is the main cause of road accidents due to lapses like these

  • Over speeding- not adhering to the speed limits within the congested city area.
  • Distracted driving- due to interference from mobile gadgets, DVD players, children or pets
  • Drunken driving- consuming alcohol before or while driving resulting in dizziness, blurred vision and lack of concentration.
  • Tailgating-driving closely behind another vehicle causes a collision if the vehicle in the front brakes suddenly.
  • Signal jumping- Crossing when there is a red light at the traffic signal causes chaos and accidents.
  • Wrong Overtaking- by overtaking at turnings or from the wrong side.
  • Avoiding helmets or seat belts only increases the risk of road accidents while driving.
  1. Weather

Weather also plays a wicked role in road accidents. Yes, rain, fog, heavy winds or waterlogged rods can road accidents due to slipping. Potholes and open drainage in rainy weather act as potent dangers causing such calamities.

  1. Vehicle failures

Poorly maintained vehicles are the main cause of road accidents. Bad brakes, old tyres, broken tie road etc. are the culprits. Faulty rear view mirrors, indicators and taillights to add to the risks.

  1. Road and Traffic conditions

Bad roads are a menace for drivers in India. Roads with potholes, open drainages, debris and spilt oil cause road accidents. To add to this, we have damaged traffic and highway lights, lack of speed breakers to heighten the hazards.

Keeping in mind all the above risks and dangers, people should adopt the following road safety measures before driving.

Road safety measures

Before driving

  • Start the previous day with at least 6 hours of sleep before travelling. Work can cause fatigue leading to accidents.
  • Start with a calm and composed mind as emotional stress causes dangers.
  • Plan your trip meticulously - the route, the rest or overnight stops and refuelling breaks.
  • Check your vehicle thoroughly- headlights, tail lights, indicators, brakes, mirrors, steering, tyres, tyre pressure, windscreen wipers, exhaust, coolant, oil level etc.
  • Keep a good spare wheel with serviceable jack and wheel brace.
  • Keep all luggage in the boot or safely secured.
  • Do not carry inflammable liquids. 

While travelling

  • Take a 15 min break once in every 2 hours.
  • Wear good quality sunglasses to avoid sunlight glare.
  • Avoid eating heavy foods before the trip.
  • Do not drink before driving.
  • Have a person by your side to take turns while driving.
  • Do not drive between 1- 5 am
  • Fasten your seatbelts before driving
  • Play music to avoid boredom and fatigue.
  • Drive carefully within speed limits.
  • Drive slowly at night or if the road is poor or it is raining
  • Use low beam headlights at sunrise, sunset or poor weather.
  • Stop for a nap if you yawn, feel your eyelids drooping, you are tired or you wander off the road.

Accident first aid treatment

  • Check for the pulse and breathing.
  • Immediately call for BLS ambulance services.
  • If the person is unconscious or in an awkward position, do not move the person untill the medical transportation services arrive.
  • Check if the person has an obstruction in nose or throat and use your index or middle finger to clear the airway.
  • If the person is bleeding or vomiting, turn the person to the side.
  • Treat open wounds by arresting bleeding with a cloth and applying some antiseptic.

Road accidents can be prevented by adhering to road safety measures and lies can be saved by a knowledge of first aid procedures.

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