Modes of Medical Transportation

What are the Different Modes of Medical Transportation?

According to a study, nearly 3.6 million peoples are unable to avail or getting delayed to medical care due to the lack of proper medical transportation. During a typical catastrophe, medical emergency or some other accidental emergencies, medical transportation plays a vital role in getting the patient to the healthcare on time. To address this issue, some medical transport service providers in Chennai are offering cost effective and appropriate transits for different types of medical needs.

To be accurate there are two types of medical transportations based on the need and requirement of the patient – Emergency Medical Transportation and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. These two services help patients to reach their destinations on time safely. To make a safe arrival, both type ambulances will be equipped with highly trained drivers, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, etc within the vehicle. medical transportations.

Non-emergency medical transportation:

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) usually provides trips to and from scheduled medical appointments by helping individuals from avoiding travel that is costly. Patients who need to be transported to medical facilities for regular check-ups and appointments can avail this transport facility.

Some of the NEMT are,

  • Ambulatory Service - This type of mobile services are helpful when patients require clinical assistance without a time-critical emergency. This suits best for those who do not need any equipment to walk and only need basic support.
  • Wheelchair Services - This service is helpful especially for the patients who cannot walk on their own. Usually, the van and wheelchair lifts are often operated by CPR trained drivers.
  • Stretcher - This medical transport is helpful for the patients who could not sit due to issues in spinal cord. The patient will be transported while lying on a stretcher.
  • Flight Service – Flight escorts are mainly for the patients who wish to travel by air and need medical supervision.
  • Couriers – This type of service is particularly helpful in transporting human organs, blood and other biological matter to their intended destinations. These services are highly confidential and they will be treated accordingly.

Emergency Medical Transportation:

This type of medical transportation facility comes in handy during emergency situations. Emergency Medical transport facility is so vital that it can save lives if excited all the predefined lifesaving parameters during the transit.

  • Basic Life Support Transportation - It is often referred as BLS which will have certified medical technicians on-board, always. The patients will be monitored and aided using advanced equipment on the way to medical destination. This helps in keeping the situation under control before reaching the hospital. In addition, the tests or medical procedures performed can save time which is precious during an emergency.
  • Advanced Life Support Transportation - It is often referred as ALS which has certified paramedic in it. This medical transport type vehicles contains heart paddles, IV units, paramedics, ECG monitors, heart monitoring equipment, etc. Patient will be provided with advanced medical support before reaching the hospital.
  • Critical Care Transport - It is known as CCT which has certified registered nurse based on the severity of the situation. This may be either private or public transport service. This is generally for the patients who need critical care between hospitals and other medical facilities. Ambulance facilities in Chennai possess these advanced healthcare facilities in vehicles.
  • Neo-Natal Intensive Care Transport – This type of transport is helpful in relocating the new-born babies who require intensive care support.

Irrespective of the service type, both the medical transport facilities are certainly a boon for the patients who are in medical help. Increase in quality ambulance services in Chennai is a good sign in healthcare as the need for this sector is high. This way patients can be transported for better health without any hassle.

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