Non-Emergency Ambulance Services

Non-Emergency Ambulances – And, 6 Situations When You Should Ring Them

Ambulances are widely used for emergency medical transportation purposes and many would think that their services are just confined to emergency transportation needs. However, they could do a bit more than that.

The advantage of availing the medical help on wheels is making the ambulances expanding their offerings beyond the emergency purposes. They are now more involved in the everyday lives of the people by being there for various types of medical transportation needs.

The innovative ideas in medical transportation sector made the technology-enabled ambulances the more prominent means of transportation for both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation needs. Here is few other situation when you can avail an ambulance service other than the emergency situations.

Here are various situations in which you can avail a non-emergency ambulance for a safe and convenient transportation.

To Travel Long Distances

If you are an individual just recovering from a medical procedure or a senior with restricted mobility and looking for a comfortable means of transportation for long distances, ambulances can be the convenient option for you. The ambulances will be equipped with the required medical equipment before the journey and ensure the individual on board is receiving all the required care throughout the journey.

For Special Events

Standby Ambulances are utilized for sports events, corporate functions, product launches, college functions and for public gatherings such as public meetings, religious ceremonies and processions. The ambulances will be fully loaded with all the medical equipment and medical staff who could address the emergency situation that may occur in the places where a crowd is gathered.

For Get-Togethers

We often see people who are differently abled or individuals with special needs, hesitate to attend any family functions and social gatherings. The mobility issues could be one of the main reasons for their denial. The ambulances that are built for such situations will not only provide the convenient transportation but help the person to move around in a wheelchair along with a qualified and trained medical professional assisting him/her.

For Regular Medical Check-ups

Individuals who are under medical observation post a surgery or seniors who require general medical check-ups may find it extremely difficult to travel in a regular vehicle. The ambulances, in contrast, provide optimum comfort to the person while serving as a cab cum ambulance.

Patient Logistic Support

The ambulance services could be availed for patient logistics where a delicate patient needs to be shifted from one place another place without moving the body. During the recovery period, many surgeries require the person to be in a stable condition. Moving such people from one location to another requires medical expertise that only the Patient Logistic professionals possess. Along with the ambulances, few agencies provide the services of patient logistics professionals to help the individual to travel without involving in mobility.

Neonatal Transportation

Not just the senior citizens but the newborn babies as well feel it uncomfortable to travel in a regular vehicle, especially if they have any health issues. The specially designed ambulances for neonatal and mothers, will ensure the babies are being taken care by the trained paramedics in a better way during the medical transportation.

Ambulances drive the care in healthcare. Though the hospital ‘plus’ the lost health of an individual, it is ambulances that ensure the person is safely reached on-timeto receive the medical care.

In a new avatar as on-emergency ambulances, the drive in healthcare is expanding its spectrum of services as the innovations in healthcare are treading new paths to enable the people of all ages and groups to receive comprehensive care.

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