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6 Ways Non-Emergency Vehicles Benefit During a Long-Distance Travel

Usage of an ambulance is not only for emergency purposes. There are various types of ambulances available for medical transportation, both in emergency and non-emergency situations. As the name implies the Non-Emergency Ambulances are for transportation of the people from a healthcare facility to home or vice versa. These ambulances can also be availed for long-distance travel as there is no other means of transportation on road and it is more convenient and comfortable.

The Non-Emergency Ambulances are designed to fulfil the long-distance medical transportation needs of the differently abled people, senior citizens and people who are not able to travel in a regular vehicle. The technology enabled advancements in medical transportation is taking the safety and convenience parameters of the people with special needs, to the next level. The option of customizing the vehicle based on the needs of the patient enhances the overall travelling experience, irrespective of the physical condition.

The Non-Emergency Ambulances works in benefit of the people in many ways during the journey, ensuring medical safety in a professional manner. Here are 6 ways the Non-Emergency Ambulance service benefit during a long-distance travel.

Medical Safety

The service providers may request you to provide them with all the details such as the person’s medical condition and the purpose of journey. Before commencing the journey, the Non-Emergency Ambulance vehicle will be equipped based on the person’s health needs. The staff on-board will be qualified and trained to handle any medical emergency that may arise during the transportation. The availability of basic life support equipment come in handy to make sure a person’s health condition is under control, in case of an emergency.


The patient’s cabin in the Non-Emergency Ambulances will be specially designed to ensure the convenience of the person. The availability of wheelchair and detachable stretcher help the person to embus and debus without much physical movement. Senior citizens, differently abled persons and people with reduced physical activity can avail this service while travelling to a hospital, home or long distances.

Personal Use

Not just medical purpose, but the Non-Emergency Ambulances can be availed for personal uses such as attending family functions and ceremonies. We often see people being hesitant to attend the family functions or travelling longer distances, due to their physical vulnerability. These vehicles make it easier for them to travel long courses at a stretch without much difficulty.

Stand By Purpose

The Non-Emergency vehicles can be used as a standby ambulance at a function or party and even at places where a large number of people are gathered. The ambulances with right medical staff on-board always come in handy in an unexpected situation that may occur.

Availability Around the Clock

Most of the Non-Emergency Ambulance providers offer their services around the clock. The option of easy accessibility of these services makes sure your loved one is being transported in a safe and convenient manner, compared to a regular transportation service. People who are in need of this service can book the vehicle prior to the planned medical transportation.

Transportation Options

Non-Emergency Ambulance can be availed by the people who are in need of travelling a longer distance or people who are looking to reach out to a doctor’s office or medical facility. Service providers offer transportation options starting from intercity to PAN India, making medical transportation more convenient and flexible.

Non-Emergency Ambulances are not necessarily owned by the hospital management. There are numerous Medical Transportation Agencies that are independent and provide extensive services. Availing the services of a Non-Emergency Ambulance is gradually increasing in India, just to make sure their loved ones are comfortable and safe during the medical transportation for longer distances.

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