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Safety Drills for Fire at School

A school is a place of not only education and enlightenment but fun and frolic too. But what if it turns into a "blazing fireplace" like the school tragedy at Kumbakonam? Horrifying, isn't it? Yet, such calamities have ample chances of occurrences, especially in crowded places like schools.  This is why all educational institutions should adopt school safety measures like the ones given below to prevent such hazards.

School Safety Measures for Fire Prevention and Protection.

Nearly 40% of the fires at schools are caused intentionally. This is why schools have to be doubly careful in preparing their premises to be fire-free.

School Preparation Against Fire

  1. Install heat sensors, fire-detection alarms and motion detectors on premises.
  2. Place intruder alarms on doors, windows, ventilators, gates and roof hatches.
  3. Trim trees and shrubbery around the school building and remove all organic debris like dry leaves, twigs, and flowers daily.
  4. Keep the trash bins closed with metal lids and place them far away from the school building.
  5. Issue strict instructions forbidding smoking by staff or students on school premises.
  6. Prohibit the use of inflammable materials like candles, matches, oil, kerosene etc within school premises.
  7. Conduct periodic inspection of electric circuits to prevent fires due to short-circuiting.
  8. Request neighbours to alert the school authorities in case of vandalism on school premises.
  9. Inspect the doors, stairways, and gates periodically to ensure that they are well-oiled and moving freely and to check if their latches or bolts open easily.
  10. Ensure that every room of the school has a map showing the fire exits.
  11. Always have fire-extinguishers and first aid kits handy on each floor, level or section of the school.
  12. Instruct all students periodically about the location of fire-extinguishers, fire-sprinklers, and fire alarm systems in the school to use in case of emergency
  13. Designate a specific place for students to assemble on exit after a fire drill.
  14. Conduct fire safety drills periodically both in surprise and informed manner.
  15. Train all students to respond instantly to a fire alarm during the fire safety drill.

Fire Alarm Procedure or Fire Safety drill

When a fire alarm is initiated

  • All class activity must stop
  • All ACs, fans and lights must be shut down in that order.
  • All generators, heaters or stoves must be extinguished.
  • Students must remain still and silent and wait for further orders.

STAND- when the teacher issues this command

  • All students must immediately stand and be silent
  • The teacher must take the attendance or muster -roll to take stock of the student numbers.

MARCH- when the teacher issues this command

  • The teacher will open the classroom door
  • The teacher will instruct the exit route to be taken.
  • All students must march in single file without talking.
  • The teacher will supervise the class out of the room and building.
  • The teacher will ensure that no student remains in the class or deviates from the exit -route.


  • Students must reach the assembling point without delay.
  • Students must remain in that area until dismissed by the teacher or principal.
  • Once assembled, the teacher will check the presence of all the students and report any missing students to the principal.


  • Every school must have a first aid kit with gloves, bandages, gauze, cotton wool, antiseptic cream, disposable CPR masks etc.
  • If a student is injured, call the transport ambulance service
  • Do not attempt to move the person until the ambulance arrives.
  • Remove clothing and pour cool water on the skin until the pain eases. Bandage with gauze lightly and give a painkiller.

All schools must adopt, educate and train school safety measures and first aid procedures to be ready to face such unforeseen dangers.

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