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The Skills Ambulance Staff Should Possess during an Emergency Medical Transportation

Road accidents are always terrible and the scope for medical errors in such situation is huge every time. It is the sole responsibility of the medical transportation crew to arrive at the spot as soon as possible and provide emergency care to the injured people. There are many types of medical transportation services that can be availed in times of road accidents other than the emergency ambulances. Among them, private ambulance companies have sophisticated medical transportation facilities such as ambulance services with EMTs and non-emergency ambulance services in case of less demanding cases.

Ambulance services with EMTs are always an added advantage than conventional medical transportation as the EMTs are highly trained medical professionals, exclusively for emergency situations like road accidents and other severe traumatic incidents. They can give an accurate first aid or necessary treatment on the ambulance that is enrooted to a hospital. It is very safe to have EMTs in an ambulance service to save the lives of the injured people in road accidents.

Tips that EMTs Should Know in Case of Road Accidents

  • EMTs should have a sound knowledge of all emergency medical situations involving road accidents and other severe trauma cases.
  • They should be able to empathetically communicate with the injured patients and assure their safety. Also, they have to give a hope of survival to the injured to console them.
  • They need to control the environment around the accident spot and manage the spot. They need to work closely with the local police officials to give them a clear insight regarding the injuries and course of the occurred accident.
  • In case of a fire, they need to work closely with the fire service department to save the injured.
  • They also have to ensure their own safety and the people around the spot of an accident. They have to establish a perimeter around the spot with the help of their own team or with any volunteers to prevent any additional confusion, panic or any other accidents.
  • If the patient is in severe shock or unconscious due to the accident, the EMTs should know how to do CPR and other appropriate reviving methods to kick-start the heart.
  • They have to have the knowledge about all medical equipment in the ambulance and the exact application of them. Mainly, they need to know the complete operations of the life support system in an ambulance.
  • They need to know the administration of all emergency medicines and injections used for accidents and emergency cases
  • They should have the knowledge of all nearby medical facilities around the accident spot and traffic conditions on the way to the respective facilities.
  • The most important thing that an EMT should do is to analyze the health condition of the injured people. They need to carefully examine the injured patient from top to bottom for any internal and external injuries.
  • They must have thorough insight about the traumatic wounds and methods to sew them up. They have to be able to perform even a minor surgery inside the ambulance if the need be.
  • They should act with absolute presence of mind and with caution to save the life of the person on-board.

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