1. Transport ambulance

A basic ambulance without medical equipment support and could be a vehicle with or without air-conditioning facility will be organized for the shifting of the person to the desired location. As per the need and the condition of the person we can also support by organizing medical staff to travel along in the ambulance. After a complete and detailed evaluation of the person’s health condition our executives will decide and organise for the ambulance; some of the general needs for which such ambulances can be used are mentioned below;

  • Any elderly people wants to go to hospital for their routine tests or consultation
  • Shifting people who are bed ridden to a desirous location who are unable to move around by themselves
  • Shifting patients to their homes after a surgery or an admission at the hospital

2. Basic Life Support ambulance (BLS)

Basic Life Support ambulance, generally known as BLS ambulances is equipped with the necessary medical equipments and nursing assistants to shift the patients who are not in very stable conditions. The nursing assistants are trained to handle BLS in case of any medical emergencies. Most of the BLS ambulances are air-conditioned vehicles. Most of the emergency ambulances are basic life support ambulances which provide general medical assistance to the patients till they reach the hospital but does not provide support for the Cardiac Monitoring on the patient and other high end cases which need high level care till the patient reaches the hospital. BLS ambulance will serve for the following type of types of patients;

  • Patients with orthopedic injuries (like fractures)
  • Sub acute care patient discharges from the hospital to home
  • Patients who don’t required cardiac monitoring
  • All psychiatric patients

3. Advance Cardiac Life Support ambulance (ACLS)

ACLS – Advance Cardiac Life Support ambulances are the upgraded version of the ambulances, these ambulances are popularly known as “mobile ICU”. It has all the necessary medical equipments and infrastructures to handle emergency cardiac arrests, strokes and all other types of other medical emergencies, who need higher level of care during transport to hospitals. The following types of patients require ACLS ambulance services;

  • Any cardiac or stroke patients (post or pre operative)
  • Patients who are in continuous IV medicine support
  • Patients who expect any kind of complication while transferring to hospitals
  • Obstetrical patients who are expecting deliveries any moment

4. Special ambulance with trained nurses and doctors

Ambulance services for patients who need doctor and nursing attention all the time during their transportation. Ambulanceoncall.com will support to provide these kinds of exclusive services for the needy patients at any point of time.

5. Ambulance for special events

Ambulanceoncall.com provides ambulances for hourly basis for any special events with or without paramedical support.

6. Ambulance for corporate events/services

We have great experience handling good number of corporate clients, so we will be grateful to support ambulance events/services for any corporate gathering or any special day event at corporate premises.

7. Air Ambulance services

Ambulanceoncall.com facilitates to arrange air ambulance services during medical emergencies, depends upon the client’s requirement. Either shifting within India, from India to other countries or from other countries to India.

About us

Ambulanceoncall.com is an integrated service portal for ambulance services, which is been developed and managed by an efficient and a professional experienced healthcare team.The management team has the experience and exposure in the healthcare industry for the past 25 years.


Client Testimonials

Mr. Prakash – Thiruvanmiyur, 15th May 2015
It was a great service provided by the team. They helped my father to attend my housewarming function. The ambulance reached us on time and they were helpful in transferring my father to the stretcher. Their services are very much appreciable. Thank you for the dedicated work.
Ms. Maya – T-Nagar, 25th April 2015
It was an accidental search on the website for an ambulance service for my mother during an emergency that led me to you. I am so thankful to your team to help me at my doorstep with your efficient service.


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