Wearing a Helmet

The Pivotal Importance of Wearing a Helmet while Riding a Motorcycle

It's very uncomfortable, it is heavy on my head, I feel hot, messes with my hair, I have better riding skills, it's only a short distance. These are the excuses we often have to avoid wearing a helmet while riding bikes. Life is so precious than the hair, discomfort and helmets are destined to protect lives.

Helmets can reduce or minimize the impact of an accident . They are the most important protective gear in an environment where you know that a crash could happen. In the event of a crash or an accident, the head is more prone to get injured than any other body part. And, head injuries often fall under serious category if not under dangerous.

Trauma to the brain can have grave impacts that result in permanent cognitive and behavioral changes. Based on the injury level, permanent immobility, loss of memory, loss of concentration and sleep disorders may occur. Even the mild head injuries can lead to serious consequences and a helmet can save you from all these possible occurrences when you are on a bike or bicycle.

Helmets absorb most of the energy generated by the impact and protect the head from injury. Wearing a helmet is may save you from the impact up to some extent but wearing the right helmet make the difference between life and death.

Wearing the helmet that does not fit and does not have sufficient cushion is almost equal to wearing no helmet at all. Here are a few tips for you to choose the right helmet and protect your gray matter. 

  1. Fit is Important
  • The perfectly fitted helmet is that which presses your cheeks and does not make any movement without deliberate force.
  • It will not move in any direction (back, front and sidewards)
  • The strap will be tight enough to not to open up in the face of an impact.
  • It will be easy to remove and wear, but you may have to use some force to do that.
  1. Helmets are for Short Term Use
  • It is advisable to change the helmet frequently and they are made to withstand only one impact.
  • There are helmets that could be used even after multiple impacts. However, it depends on the quality of the manufacturer.
  • Ensure you did a fair bit of research before buying the helmets to know about its manufacturers.
  • The quality standards such as 'ISI' certifications ensure the safety and quality of the helmet.
  1. The Helmet is the Major Part of Safety Gear
  • It is important to wear all the safety gear while riding a bike or bicycle. However, helmets have pivotal importance.
  • The helmet has been given importance because of the vulnerable conditions the head may find itself in case of an injury.
  1. Too Much Dependence is Dangerous
  • Helmet and the other safety gear, no matter how good they seem to be, never depend too much on them.
  • Exercising caution while riding is the most important safety feature than any other gear. Your safety is your responsibility.
  • Being mindful on the road and keeping an eye on the other vehicles, pedestrians and animals can help you reach home safely.
  • Following the traffic rules, obeying the road signs and maintaining the pre-determined speeds entirely depends on you.
  • Impediments and uneven roads may cause collisions and falls. Watch out for them too!

Make sure you are a responsible and sensible rider when you are riding a motorbike and along with all the safety gear, duly wear the helmet to protect your head from injury. Life is more important than the thrill or skill.  

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